czwartek, 11 listopada 2010

Declaration of the I Polish Social Forum

Another world is possible, another Poland is a must.

The participants at the Polish Social Forum refuse to live in a world where everything is directed by greed and profits. The more so that those profits are mostly grabbed by a small group of the richest at the expenses of the social development and the protection of the environment.

We protest against the neoliberal policy of development of our country (expressed among others in the governmental document “Poland 2030- Challenges for the future”). When profits are the utmost goal, the human rights are violated, among them the rights of the workers and employees, the rights of women, the rights of the minorities.

Following only the principles of the “free market”, we end up breaking the right to health care, education, housing, social protection, clean environment, breaking social bonds, undermining the development of a spiritual life.

The participants at the Polish Social Forum ask for an end to the militarization of Polish policy and the withdrawal of the Polish troops from Afghanistan, the reduction of the armament budget and the use of the money so spared for important social goals, so needed in our society.

I Polish Social Forum

6.11.2010 Warsaw

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