niedziela, 5 lipca 2009

The declaration of the founders of the Polish Social Forum

On the 26th of June in Kielce the first meeting of the founders of the Polish Social Forum took place. The goal of the PSF is, like with other regional and European forums, to create a common space for groups and social movements which oppose neoliberal economy, the domination of capital in social life and all forms of imperialism, and instead look to create a society which puts people first. The founders of the Polish Social Forum wish it to become a platform of common action and free exchange of thoughts, new ideas and experiences.

The global economic crisis puts into question the continued functioning of the neoliberal economic system which has dominated our country ever since the regime change in 1989. In the past twenty years it has allowed a select few to become rich and impoverished a large part of society. The current crisis will further deepen the effects that Poland's society has been suffering. Neoliberal economic thought, propagated by Polish politicians and repeated by the media, does not allow society a chance to learn about other economic ideas, more friendly to humanity and its natural environment. For these reasons we want the PSF to become a chance to present different ideas about the economy, the functioning of society, energy use, environmentalism, education and culture. The neoliberal economy, which cares only about profits, has left a profoundly negative mark on all of these areas of life.

“Another world is possible” is one of the main slogans of the European Social Forum. We want it to also be a guiding light for the Polish Social Forum.

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